Past Projects & Client Success Stories

Canadian Private Mortgage has been providing mortgage funding programs to Canadians with years of combined experience. We have a substantial amount of knowledge in helping with tough cases that traditional banks could not fund.

Our mortgage funding success stories are a great example of the kind of work we do.

We only work with reputable and vetted private mortgage lenders who have an established track record in providing ethical and fair lending terms with the highest quality of customer service.

British Columbia

We Lend in British Columbia

Our Success Stories in British Columbia

Recently Divorced And A Significant Credit Card Debt

A recently divorced couple was looking to refinance to pay out all of their mounting debts, including an existing first and second mortgage and significant credit card debt.

After meeting various bank representatives to no avail, the couple found their solution from one of the lenders of the Canadian Private Mortgage marketplace.

This couple was able to proceed with their divorce resolution amicably and the wife will assume ownership of the property with the mounting debts paid off and come out with a better cash flow.

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We Lend in Alberta

Our Success Stories in Alberta

We Lend in Ontario

Our Success Stories in Ontario

Recover from Tax Arrears for Self-Employed Worker

A self-employed construction worker injured his foot while working and was unable to work for one year due to the injury. With the reduced income, while recovering from the injury, he needed a solution that will pay off his personal debts and tax arrears completely. He needed a solution from alternative lenders who will lend him a loan based on the equity in the house so can pay off the personal debts and tax arrears until he is fully recovered and back to full his previous level of income as a self-employed construction worker.

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Purchase a Single Family Bungalow & Partial Conversion to Become a Day Care Centre

The husband works as a self-employed contractor and his wife has been running a home-based daycare business. They needed funding to purchase the house and set aside some renovation budget to rework the interior of their new home. But, their existing lender backed out on the closing day. This couple was left scrambling to find an alternative lender to close the deal.

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We Lend in Nova Scotia

Our Success Stories in Nova Scotia